Widespread Panic Taos show Tips

Going to Taos? Check out the hot springs;

There are two hot springs in the Rio Grande river canyon just outside of Taos, NM. The more public of the pair is located on the western bank of the river, accessed by a relatively short trail leading from the first tight turn of the dirt road after crossing the bridge over the river.
Turn off NM 522 at Arroyo Hondo, NM.

The more private is on the east side of the river, a couple miles below the other spring. It is accessed via US 64, turning on Tune Dr a dirt road, before crossing the Gorge Bridge across the Rio Grande river. From there about 5 miles until the parking area and trailhead. A foot trail leads downriver from there a bit over a mile to the springs at the edge of the river. 

  • Camping @ Taos 
The word is that the on-site camping may not be ideal, so here are other options;

(it has been said that the venue camping is in a school yard, no fires, no smoking, no alcohol, across the street from a police station)

Check out Carson National Forest camping;

6 + miles from the venue, off Hwy 64 southeast of town or off Hwy 150 north of town. Or just get a room nearby, or deal with the camping, because all you want is the option to stumble to your tent after the show anyways.

Best places for a pre-game happy hour; 'The Gorge' 3-5, 'Alley Cantina' 5-7, Shadows Lounge 4-6.

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