Pre-Summit Prep

String Summit requires minimal planning, other than a cooler, money, lighter, maybe a portable stove, sleeping bag and tent. But here are a few other pointers for those of you about to experience your first Summit. This is the best festival or music event. The place to be is Horning's Hideout this time July.

  • Beer and Liquor
Is strictly forbidden...the security will confiscate your goods, and you will be making multiple trips to the gas station throughout the weekend. You can get booze in then, easily, if you are smart enough to get other things in. Here is a quickie; Take the spare tire out of your compartment (assuming you have a subaru or something with that compartment in the rear/trunk. Replace tire with 30 packs of PBR and ice bags. Enjoy the best weekend of your life!

  • Camping Spots
The best spots will be found by those who show up the early-bird night. Thursday...and why would you miss it when Greensky Bluegrass will be performing that night! Get the early-bird special! If you walk towards the stage from parking, up the dirt road just before the top right main entrance is camping area to the left in the trees. Just follow a path to the left into the trees and you can score a spot right by the concert entrance! Any spot is a good spot at Horning's really though.

  • Don't lose your wristband/bracelet
This can become a huge pain in the ass, if it falls off while you are setting up tent and you don't realize it until is a big disappointment and hassle.

  • Best spot to have a preshow safety meeting
If you're looking for a good place to take a seat and enjoy some fresh air and other fun things, check out towards the water to the left of the stage, there is a small bridge walkway, and an island thing. Go sit there, and enjoy a beverage and smoke.

  • Bring a hammock
Seriously, this is a nice thing to have. 

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