Jam Band Travelling, Camping, and some Mandolin

After looking over the statistics on this blog, it is clear that the travel writing surrounding jam band music and bluegrass, combined with camping, are the most popular posts. To revive this old dinosaur of a blog from back in my Phish tour heyday, I will re-purpose it as solely focused on these topics.

Because of my commitment issues...or rather because of my never ending curiosity and art of life or living obsessions, keeping this blog limited feels depressing or impossible. I will sprinkle in a mandolin tab here and there, or even some personal travel stories and narrative. To keep it interesting, for me..or for you.

Having multiple blogs hasn't proven effective for my writing habits...please forgive me for combining a few of those here.

This post began as me stating it would only be about the most popular topic, to narrow it down and be a better blog. This post ended with me saying it would be about 3 or 4 different things. Such is the nature of my thought process. Just as each post evolves within itself, so will the overall blog and bigger picture, so does life.