Phish Holmdel...Jersey. Camping and good stuff, side trip.

Holmdel, New Jersey

What a place to be seeing Phish. Jersey. Anyways, after Bethel it will be fun despite anything else. Looking for a place to camp? Trying to avoid the police? Read on...

Camping @ Holmdel

Keep it cheap and camp out at the nearest chillest place, that you're going to find in NJ, and just be generally careful of law enforcement presence out there, bad reputation, but so does anywhere.

Goto Cheesequake State Park;

It will only take 13 minutes if you take Garden State Parkway North, 8 miles from the venue. Not quite walking material..also it is a state park so be cool with alcohol etc.

There is a lake, showers, big green flies, hiking, and campsites with firepits what more do you want?

Other things to do? Goto Holmdel is as close as you are going to get for rolling countryside here. Beautiful park with hiking and happiness abundance. Honestly there is nothing to do in Holmdel, after Phish quickly pack up the tent and get to Michigan or Ohio.

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