Going to the Gorge or String Summit?

If you are headed to the Gorge shows, or Northwest String Summit, or even the

Widespread Panic Eugene date, be sure to take heed..

Some great spots to check out for a quick tour stop or to fill those gaps between String Summit and the gorge...

1. Bagby Hot Springs

Not far from Portland, or String Summit, or the Gorge depending on what the terms of far are...just between Oregon City and Portland the woods, surrounded by beauty;

This place is a great place to 'renew' and 'heal' the Indians say, natural hot springs heal all sorts of ailments and trouble in life, what better way to keep a road trip in the right direction. There are individual little rooms, private tubs, made of logs carved out, with a door and all, this is a really cool part of this place. It is a short hike in, takes 10 to 15 minutes, and you can camp at the entrance as well, or down the road you came from at multiple great spots.

2. The White Eagle Rock & Roll Hotel

This is the coolest little bar and hotel/hostel in Portland. Private rooms with shared bathrooms, European style. Cheap rooms usually 40-60 bucks/night. Free live music practically every night, awesome food and beer, you can live here for a week somewhat cheaply and comfortably.

3. Canada

Why not? It's like 2 hours or less from the Gorge shows...There is a little town, the last stop from the border that your can exit and go bury your stash in some yard or something. Once in Canada, head to Vancouver and line up a hostel or go camping.

4. McMinnville (Oregon Hotel)

A really nice rooftop bar and classy vintage feel rooms.

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