Jam Band Travelling, Camping, and some Mandolin

After looking over the statistics on this blog, it is clear that the travel writing surrounding jam band music and bluegrass, combined with camping, are the most popular posts. To revive this old dinosaur of a blog from back in my Phish tour heyday, I will re-purpose it as solely focused on these topics.

Because of my commitment issues...or rather because of my never ending curiosity and art of life or living obsessions, keeping this blog limited feels depressing or impossible. I will sprinkle in a mandolin tab here and there, or even some personal travel stories and narrative. To keep it interesting, for me..or for you.

Having multiple blogs hasn't proven effective for my writing habits...please forgive me for combining a few of those here.

This post began as me stating it would only be about the most popular topic, to narrow it down and be a better blog. This post ended with me saying it would be about 3 or 4 different things. Such is the nature of my thought process. Just as each post evolves within itself, so will the overall blog and bigger picture, so does life.


Trying to fix and save the blog

This blog is cool. I've tried making others, and they just peter out into nothing. This one had some sort of direction and staying power. Anyways, after a domain disaster or two, we are back to the blogspot address. I think..wait that isnt working either. This post probably doesn't exist.

I need to see Phish.


'Gears in the Machine of the System'

Time to get a job. Before it comes, it would be best to vent out some pro-unemployed anti-work slacker, bum encouragement. You are the last of a few proud, or maybe not so proud today, but the last of either the most intelligent amongst us or the least, either way it gives faith that life is not merely a 'daily grind' a routine, a box of events we repeat day after day like hamsters on a wheel. For money, all for money, the most insubstantial but most substantial thing to ever exist. It will never buy happiness but will buy temporary contentment, which always runs out, and then we go seek out a moneyless situation, escape the superficiality of it all, and go find the zest or spark in life again, have an adventure, live and be free, write run on sentences that run on and on.

"The will to a system is a lack of integrity" - Nietzsche


The Tahoe Bluegrass Ball of 2011

Best show of the year in my book, whatever tour or festivals you did, if you missed this you really did miss out.

At the Horizon Casino in Stateline, NV an amazing collaboration took place as soon as Phish stepped off stage at Harvey's Outdoor Arena. The Travelin' McCourys, Emmitt-Nershi Band, Jeff Austin, and some very special guests (Jon Fishman..). The show raged up til 4am with Jeff visibly in party mode, and Fishman came in with an enthusiastic giddy laugh of excitement when first entering the room. This was the best after party imaginable. Billy, Emmitt, and Jeff were out and about throughout the two nights of the Phish run, seeing them around and meeting them randomly in the hotels or in that dungeon of a venue for the Bluegrass Ball. Billy seemed irritated with the sound, rightfully so as the sound guy consistently messed up, but that didn't spoil the fun or stop Nershi from enjoying a tecate fueled jam session.

Highlights included a few covers and other favorites; "Love Me Two Times", "Whole Lotta Love", "Whipping Post", "Death Trip", "Cuckoo's Nest", and "Jellyfish".

"we're all drinkin' whiskey before breakfast"

Whiskey Before Breakfast

       D                                   G       D         A
 |_|   |   |   |   |_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   |   |_| |   |_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|

       D                                   G       D         A       D
       |   |   |   |_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   |   |_| |   |_|   |_|_|_| |

       D                                   Em                A
 |_|   |_|_|_| |   |_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   |   |_| |   |_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|

       D       A         G       D         G       D         A       D
       |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   |_|_|_| |_|_|_|   |_|_|_| |

Panic on Mando

Aint Life Grand by Widespread Panic

Intro: G   D   Em

Verse 1:
G           D           Em
   Watching people roll by
G               D               Em
   Wonder where they're going
G       D           Em
   Hey, what's your job?
G              D          Em
   What're you knowing?

Verse 2:
Driving to the grocery store
Pull my money out
Passing by the liquor store
Throw my money down

G        D    Em
   Ain't life grand
   Ain't life grand

Verse 3:
My wife's got the blues
Now I've got them
Gonna bring her a kiss
Make those blues run


F   Am   C

Verse 4:
The sun came out the other day
Through those dusty clouds
And in my mind I was a child
And it felt good!

(Chorus) (x2)

SCI and the Shenandoah Breakdown

Shenandoah Breakdown by Bill Monroe

ho = hammer-on;  po = pull-off;  sl = slide

                A__     __     __     __     D__     __
                |  |   |  |   |  |   |  |    |  |   |  |
  |_|  |_|      |______|      |______|       |______|       |______|

    A___     ___              ___        E___     ___
    |   |   |   |            |   |       |   |   |   |
    |_______|        |_______|           |_______|        |_______|

     A___     ___      ___     ___       D___     ___      ___     ___
     |   |   |   |    |   |   |   |      |   |   |   |    |   |   |   |
     |_______|        |_______|          |_______|        |_______|
                     1_________________________ 2_______________________
  E_   _    _   _    |   A    _                ||   A    _    _   _
  | | | |  | | | |   |       | |               ||       | |  | | | |
  |___|    |___|         |___|    |___|             |___|    |___|

     D                 ___     ___        ___     ___      ___     ___
                      |   |   |   |      |   |   |   |    |   |   |   |
     |_______|        |_______|          |_______|        |_______|

    A                         ___         ___     ___      ___     ___
                             |   |       |   |   |   |    |   |   |   |
    |_______|        |_______|           |_______|        |_______|

     D___     ___              ___        ___     ___      ___
     |   |   |   |            |   |      |   |   |   |    |   |
     |_______|        |_______|          |_______|        |_______|
                     1_________________________ 2_______________________
  E_   _    _        |   A     _    _    _     ||   A
  | | | |  | |       |        | |  | |  | |    ||
  |___|    |___|         |____|    |____|           |___|    |___|

Another sample/example;

Yonder Tablature

Yonder Mountain String Band tabs found from various sources;

Another Day by Yonder Mountain String Band

G                                  C  
When the rain is falling   You can hear me calling 
G                           D  
Been gone so long  That I want to cry 
G                                      C 
All the cities that I've seen  This lonely road has taken me 
G                       D          Em 
To another place  Far away from you 

C    D

Em                                   D
I close the door behind me  And fall onto to the bed 
Em                        D
Nothing on the TV  And not much in my head 
Em                                            D
I think of you, it makes me smile  Then I realize, 
Em       D           G 
It's another day without you 


G                      C 
Now wait for me little darling 
G                        D 
I'm coming home, I hope you understand 
G                 C 
I long for you little darling 
G                D                  G 
Can't wait ‘til I can see you again 

As the days turn into weeks I’ll call you when you’re fast asleep 
The air outside Is cold enough to snow 

All the little towns I see Another road has taken me 
To some other place far away from you 

The man behind the counter Says room 225 
I can’t recall the place I’m in By the looks inside 
But sure as every hotel looks The same I realize 
It’s another day without you 


Disclaimer: All tablature on this site if for reference/research and scholarly use only, all rights are reserved for the original artists as stated.

Bluegrass Mandolin part dos

If you are one of those traditional purists, you are probably at the wrong page, but either way there is something here for  you as well. Below the tune 'Big Sciota' pronounced SIGH-OH-TEE or one of five other pronunciations is quite traditional, but is being played today by the more nontraditional of types. Forget the musical barriers, its about the music, not tradition.

On that note, here is another tab for the mandolin masses;

Get Cheesy on the Mandolin

Ever want to play some String Cheese Incident on that mando? Find some of their acoustic/bluegrass roots stuff, and it can be easy! Check out this tune, which Cheese likes to cover (see Electric Forest Festival on archive.org).

This was found at a wonderful website that should definitely be thoroughly looked at...an article by Wendy Anthony called 'Building a Traditional Tune Repertoire', if you take the time to learn this tune you best look at that article.

Porch Song

Try this one on the mandolin for some porch pickin';

Porch Song by Widespread Panic

Verse 1:
I opened up my eyes to see
  F             C               G       F  C
A land of sunny rocks and funny trees
I guess (Yes,) I'm on the moon again
  F             C                G        F  C
A heavy earth exchange a lighter breeze
Got no coat and got no money
   F             C                     G     F  C
A pair of tennis shoes to last through May
A crater for an outdoor pool
  F                C                G     F  C
A few good cats to help me pass the day

         G         F        C
Havin' a good time,  here today
             G         F     C
Watching the sun shine,  matinee
Never the wrong time, time we stay
           G        F         C
Living the moontime,  time we play

Verse 2:
From here I watch the world go by
Working in the moon-time bar and grill
The word from Earth - my time is up
But here upon the moon time stands still
Got no telecommunications
Cables haven't gotten out this way
The man in the moon is a musician
That's the way we pass the lunar day
Living the moontime, time to live it up!

(Have even more fun using bluegrass chop chords in replace of the standard chords)

Looking for some tablature? or riffs or fun things to practice on... They are here ->


Bluegrass Mandolin

SPREADing Mandolin Conciousness

Trying to learn to play the mandolin? Here is some reference material;


"My coffee in the morning"

Do you work? Or wake up early for some reason or another.. have you discovered the way Widespread Panic seems to mesh so well with the beginning of the day, as a random once told me regarding Panic while listening in the morning at his job "it's my coffee in the morning".

Hustlin' Montana

Driving to Yellowstone? Or driving through Montana for any reason or another...without much cash, here is a way to help fill the tank.

Practically every exit in the state has a 'Lucky Lils' mini casino...it is very simple, a big chain of casinos, all over Montana, and they do not care how many you visit and do this. Walk in and sign up for the players club, they advertise it everywhere, no big secret. They give you $5 for joining to gamble with... go play a dollar and get your free drink, then cash out. Proceed to the next Lucky Lils in town or area or next town. With two people you get $9 guaranteed at each stop, or $10. With more people in the car, each of you sign up and pool together for the gas cash and voila. Seriously just got done doing this, no hassles, they even look you up in their system and do not care whatsoever that you joined 10 times earlier that day in different nearby towns.

Also there are other casinos just like this, actually ran by the same people I am sure...if you see a 'Suds N' Fun' or 'Montana Lils' they are the same exact deal, hit 'em up. Oh and I think 'Dotty's' does it also, but that's a different less apparent chain.

When you're not hustling, check out Missoula. The coolest little town, and probably the one stop other than Yellowstone you want to make. Culture and drinking here. The bars do not care if you walk out on the street with their draft beer in glass, and even walk into a new bar with the other bars brew. The people are very laid back and very drunkenly fun. There is a couchsurfing ranch there, http://www.orangeacresmontana.blogspot.com have not visited personally but heard good things.

A must stop is 'The Oxford'...a historic bar downtown that serves amazing breakfast for the hangover.


Phish West Posters

Here is a collection of Phish posters from the western tour 2011;


Hollywood Bowl

Lake Tahoe

San Francisco


Letter to the ymsb/hornings crew

I wrote this after summer tour of 2009, and actually got a reply. Hopefully it is entertaining or inspiring to someone..

Hey - whomever reads this,

I just wanted to thank somebody somewhere for the time of my life, the Summit really meant a lot to me. I have seen Yonder only once before the Summit which was in Flagstaff, AZ where I now live, and ever since been addicted. The music has gotten me through the toughest times in my life, and is very sentimental. Yonder opened my eyes to fun that I had never imagined exists. Northwest String Summit '09 was beyond my expectations, after being on the road with Phish for much of the summer, it was a refreshing new atmosphere. Phish was amazing don't get me wrong, but I don't think anything could have compared to String Summit. The people and vibe was so positive and loving, around every corner was a new friend, being alone never meant actually being alone. I had no idea what I was in store for, in so many ways. Friday night I had my first ever life changing experience, a moment crystallized in my memory forever. Its really impossible to put into words, but I had removed myself from the dust bowl and was on the hill witnessing the sea of people all bouncing along in time to 'New Horizons' and the jellyfish above in the air also dancing along. There was this flurry of banjo notes that sticks out in my mind right at the jam back into the song, and it brings tears to my eyes just to really remember and relive that moment, it was fucking beautiful. Those moments where your hair stands on end, goosebumps, euphoric..well it was not just another one of those, it was THE moment, at least in my life. This theme carried on throughout the weekend, and I left Horning's Hideout a changed person for the best. My parents generation had Woodstock, I had the String Summit, seriously a magical festival, keep it going I am never going to miss one. I would love to recap all the amazing little scenes and moments I had at the festival but it is too numerous and, you know, you had to be there. I had help when needed, whether it was someone taking my hand and into the dust bowl to get down, or sharing food and good times at the tent, it all came together in that beautiful peacock filled piece of heaven you guys have in North Plains. I read they do weddings there in the 'off-season' well if I ever get married I found the place Id like to do that, ha not saying it will happen, just how much Horning's Hideout now means to me. I remember this reoccuring theme of "welcome home", on t-shirts, announced by bands, and etched on every Kinfolks face...that is exactly how I felt, I found home at the Summit. Without sounding insane trying to capture the essence of it all, the only word I can find to sum it up is magical. From the psychedelic forest with the random after-shows and jams into the night, to the 'bridge parties' to the presence of some of the best musicians out there, you guys threw down the best festival I could dream up. This is what I always wished for and tried envisioning, it was perfect, and I am really looking forward to seeing you guys in 2010. Thanks again for everything.


------ -----------

Only about one week! See you there!


Alpharetta, Georgia Camping

Camping for Phish in Alpharetta, Georgia

Looking for a place to camp for the shows in Georgia? Continue further for the closest spot but also there is a list of places provided by the amphitheater, here they are with distance calculations for your conveniance;

20 Mi. SE = Stone Mountain Park 6867 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain – (770) 498-5600
19 minutes away = Twin Lakes Parks and RV 3300 Shore Drive, Cumming – (770) 887-4400
36 minutes away = Payne Campground – Allatoona Lake 2495 Kellogg Creek Road, Acworth – (678)721-6700 
27 minutes away = Jones Rv Park 2200 Willow Trail Pkwy, Norcross, Georgia – (770) 923-0911
26 minutes away = Sawnee Campground 3200 Buford Dam Road, Cumming – (770) 887-0592
36 minutes away = Lake Lanier Island Resort 7000 Lanier Islands Parkway, Buford – (770) 945-8787

There were a few others recommended but they have been removed because of excessive distance from the venue. Looks like a designated driver may be the best option, or an expensive cab, or if any campground may offer a shuttle..but hotels may be most convenient here.

Past years there were some folks that ran a 'Phish Camp' nearby the venue in Alpharetta, it was Sweet Apple Art Studio & Farm at 12840 New Providence Road, Alpharetta, GA...if you can get in touch with them it could be another spur of the moment convenient spot.

The closest and perhaps best choice is Twin Lakes Park. The place Sawnee Campground off Buford Road is probably one of the most widely accepted choice but requires compliance, ie; lay low, sneak booze in.

The place in Buford, Lake Lanier, is amazing but a bit of a drive at about a half hour north of the venue. 

Some research and Wills Park in Alpharetta comes up...this place apparantly has camping! Very near the venue, 5 minute drive. See http://www.willspark.com/html/faq.html for full info.

*Wills Park 
11925 Wills Road Alpharetta, GA
call 678-297-6120 to arrange a spot..looks like atleast 40 are offered.
Otherwise, just get there very early! It is said to be a free for all. Claim your spot.

If nothing else, head northwest of Alpharetta past the suburbs and find a random place to camp, lots of open fields...a bit sketchy to plan on though.

Get Yourself a Picnic for Phish

The amphitheater has everything you need apparently, even a picnic basket. Don't miss out on the picnic basket, seriously...awesome potential, Picnic Basket at Phish .. for further picnic basket details go to http://www.vzwamp.com/plan-your-visit/food-beverage/ and scroll down to picnic baskets.


Tour Maps

Options for a tour, use it or get inspired. Just do it all if you can.

WSP & NWSS & Phish Leg 2 (Gorge)

Combination of bands to see, west coast mostly Panic with a dose of Yonder and Phish. It is their 25th Anniversary tour, and last tour before the hiatus of undetermined length..


JUN 22 Taos, NM -WSP
JUN 24-26 Red Rocks, CO - WSP
JUL 1-3 Alta, WY - WSP
JUL 5 Seattle, WA - WSP
JUL 6 Eugene, OR - WSP
JUL 8-9 Oakland, CA - WSP
JUL 11 Reno, NV - WSP
JUL 22-24 NWSS, OR - Yonder
AUG 5-6 The Gorge, WA - Phish

If nothing else, WSP Fest in Wyoming and NWSS.

Personal Tour WSP, NWSS, Phish

Headed to String Summit, a little Widespread, and more Phish.


(JUN 22 Taos, NM - WSP then back home before tour)

JUL 13-14 Los Angeles, CA - WSP
JUL 15-16 Las Vegas, NV - WSP
JUL 22-24 String Summit, OR - Yonder
AUG 5-6 The Gorge, WA - Phish
?AUG 8? Hollywood, CA - Phish ?  (may skip, distance/time)
AUG 9-10 Lake Tahoe, NV - Phish
AUG 12 San Francisco, CA - Phish  (day of, try single day)

Yonder Midwest and Phish


JUL 3 Geneva, MN - Yonder
JUL 6 Bayfield, WI - Yonder
JUL 7 Milwaukee, WI - Yonder
JUL 8 Des Moines, IA - Yonder
(break - gap camping, sight-seeing, or go home)
AUG 20 - Red Rocks, CO - Yonder
SEPT 2-4 Commerce City, CO - Phish

During time gaps for all tours go camping, find a national park, see some other bands, maybe local, check out a small town..do something random.

Gas Hurting Your Tour?

Unleaded gas, not too many frijoles gas, it is the most expensive a Phish tour, or any tour, whether it be a road trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park or Widespread Panic's show in Taos --> Denver -> Wyoming etc. There are ways around the dilemma of gas prices, assuming you aren't yet flat broke.

GasBuddy trip calculator
More than just a gas price calculator, enter your start and finish points and it brings up the gas stations in route with the cheapest gas prices, and can save you a lot of cash. It plans your trips gas stops for you to maximize savings. Everyone should try this.

The Basics Fund Bus
If you haven't already heard about this or used it, see it now, a great deal to many shows including Widespread Panic. About $20 for a party bus ticket, no dui's.

On The Train
Who does that? Awesome people. You can find some great deals, cheaper than driving yourself, if you try. For example to go from String Summit's nearby station Portland to the Phish shows at the Gorge's nearby station Seattle, it would cost you a ticket fare of $30. Might have to rent a car. Worth it? Maybe, trains are fun.

Sell Stuff on Shakedown
Why not? Fund your own trip, quit slacking. Theres already enough grilled cheese, maybe something different.


Blossom Camping and More, Phish Ohio

Good Blossom Camping for Phish in Ohio

Going to Blossom?

This is a good place to be stopping in for an evening of Phish. With less than a 4 hour drive from Michigan the night before, and the show starting at 7:30pm makes for less rushing and more sleep, maybe. There will be the routine traffic jam but a bit worse in this little town. Here is some camping information..

Blossom Camping;

Woodside Lake Park - not the closest but a safe bet for a chill spot with lots of other heads.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Great spot, parking lots open 24 hours / day and you can find a spot to pitch a tent down a trail, try looking up Towpath trails.

Good's Woods Campground - pretty close
4301 Stow Rd
Stow, OH 44224

Tamsin Park - also relatively nearby
5000 Akron-Cleveland Rd
Peninsula, OH 44264

Stanford House Primitive Campsites
6093 Stanford Rd
Peninsula, OH 44264

Cherokee Park Campground
Mogadore, OH

Countryside Campground
Mogadore, OH

On the Road from Pine Knob?

Heres some side-trips and ways to go things to see;

Gas in the area is at $4.22, if you plan it right, you won't even need to fill up, this is a 4 hour drive max. Which means you have time perhaps for a stop, before or after the show.
Take I-75 S to
I-280 S to
I-80 E
Cost you about $35 in gas if your driving a 2005 Subaru Outback or something similar...

Check out:

Put-In-Bay - little island off of Sandusky coast on the way. While you are there check out the Crystal Cave, where you can see the world's largest geode, the headiest crystal ever mann.

Cedar Point Park - ride some rollercoasters at this theme park situated between Sandusky and Lake Erie.

Eat Skyline Chili somewhere, Toledo or wherever, a restaurant and line of chili that is loved and hated.

Nelson Ledges State Park - Newbury, Ohio very nearby Cleveland, awesome hiking and outdoors area.


Almost SCI YarmonyGrass

Skipping the Gorge? Want to see String Cheese but don't want to do the huge festival circuit, ie; bonnaroo and electric forest. Give YarmonyGrass a glance. There is a decent line-up that includes all of the members of SCI;

The Trancident - New SCI side project w/ Travis, Hollingsworth, Kang, and Hahn

Emmitt Nershi Band - Speaks for itself

Nershi-Law - Scott Law is great with Nershi

The Grant Farm w/ Keith Moseley - Keith's thing

That makes for a slight chance of a impromptu taste of an Incident for the late Saturday night session where a collaboration is scheduled, or whenever else...but highly unlikely. This idea got some speed in an article in the Vail Daily 'String Cheese Incident Members all Scheduled for YarmonyGrass'. Hey, in 2008 it happened, at Yarmony all members except Keith got together for 'Will it Go Round in Circles'. If you are in Colorado Aug. 4-6th, don't miss what could be the best low key festival of the season.

Don't miss the float trip this year, check out this video from last years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=737now8RdUA&feature=related
and heres another video from 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ-MZtAbYuQ&feature=related

Other great bands to see on the Yarmony lineup;

Greensky Bluegrass
The Travelin' McCourys
Head for the Hills
Dead Winter Carpenters
Pete Kartsounes band

Looking for other shows or pre/after-parties?

At State Bridge Lodge see The Wailers on Aug. 3rd complete with sand dance floor on the Colorado River.

Also, Aug. 4 - YarmonyGrass PreParty at the Lodge

In Colorado and want something earlier, a pre pre-party.. at thee20south in Breckenridge they will have Pete Kartsounes Band with the Drunken Hears June 10th. Also, The Grant Farm w/ the Drunken Hearts July 1th. They will be diving out YarmonyGrass gear and raffling a pair of festival tickets, enter at the parties.

Tahoe for Phish! Camping, and Riff Raff

Lake Tahoe is sold out and promises to be a summer highlight. If you are looking for some camping spots, here are some recommendations;

Camping Tahoe for Phish

'Campground by the Lake' - nearest to Harvey's.

Tahoe Valley Campgrounds - Good place to party.

Emerald Bay Campground - Beautiful views, a bit more family oriented, quiet.


Want to get a hotel? Can't handle nature? The lake + Phish is too much for some people, maybe too cold also, but do you really want to risk bed bugs? If so continue to read;

Best Western - just a couple blocks from Harvey's.

Stay at Harvey's...as close as it gets one would assume.

Montbleu - closer

Rent one of these little cabins http://tahoelodging.escapia.com/Unit.mvc/Details/14880

After Party? Night Life, Bars

The Divided Sky - A sweet little bar with music usually at night, food, and a full bar. Their signature drink is the fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit and finlandia vodka, refreshing and healthy especially after a 2 day phish run.

Montbleu Showroom - 8/9 Karl Denson's Tiny Universe w/ Mama's Cookin' 
Doors at 10pm, Show at 11pm

Great after-show/party option; 8/10 Lotus w/ Big Gigantic at Montbleu Showroom '    '

8/9 EOTO at Montbleu
8/10 Dumpstaphunk at Montbleu

Try this for bars and pubs..it is pretty cool; beermapping

Driving from Hollywood?

Take the 395 Route, which is awesome. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Lone Pine and then there are a few places you can crash, motels, camping and even a hostel. Theres also a hostel downtown Lake Tahoe you may want to check out, $30/night usually, it's called the Monaco. Also the AAE Shamrock and Cal Lodge are nearby hostels.

Visit the ghost town of Bodie...there are over 150 some abandoned buildings you can explore and smoke out.

Have fun and resist the urge to use fireworks or have a fire pretty much in general and you won't be hassled while camping down in the basin.


Phish Holmdel...Jersey. Camping and good stuff, side trip.

Holmdel, New Jersey

What a place to be seeing Phish. Jersey. Anyways, after Bethel it will be fun despite anything else. Looking for a place to camp? Trying to avoid the police? Read on...

Camping @ Holmdel

Keep it cheap and camp out at the nearest chillest place, that you're going to find in NJ, and just be generally careful of law enforcement presence out there, bad reputation, but so does anywhere.

Goto Cheesequake State Park;

It will only take 13 minutes if you take Garden State Parkway North, 8 miles from the venue. Not quite walking material..also it is a state park so be cool with alcohol etc.

There is a lake, showers, big green flies, hiking, and campsites with firepits what more do you want?

Other things to do? Goto Holmdel Park...it is as close as you are going to get for rolling countryside here. Beautiful park with hiking and happiness abundance. Honestly there is nothing to do in Holmdel, after Phish quickly pack up the tent and get to Michigan or Ohio.