Thrifty Cheap Ways to Travel the World

When the thought of travel arises, you think adventure, living, experience, cultures, and expenses. How do people afford it? It is actually simple. There are a few ways anybody could travel the states or the entire planet. It takes a bit of scrappiness, a willingness to struggle, but for those of us the cons never outweigh the pros when it comes to seeing the world and experiencing life while we have it. You will need street smarts, and common sense, and some internet savyness to do proper reasearch.

Now go do something awesome and live or visit abroad...these sites will greatly assist you;

  • Become a WOOFER...that is; join WOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms);

Work on an organic farm in some country and get rent and living expenses paid for in exchange for a helpful hand, some hard work, or maybe not so hard work.

  • Check out it is a great site I found...I havn't been able to do extensive research on it but it appears to be totally legit and will provide you living situations...a private home or house, in some awesome country around the world, in exchange for some enjoyable type of work, like help at a hostel or farm.

  •  And then there is or whatever..that place is good, and obvious. I would personally rather use something like hostelbookers.

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