Beloved Books From Highschool

  1. "The Hobbit"

Okay so maybe this was more like middle school, or 5th grade ...or even 4th. But it is still the best.

      2. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"

You can live inside this book, throughout highschool. Or be less socially inept. Zarathustra is a character that can be a metaphor to Jesus in ways...perhaps even historical religion-wise. Anyways, he comes down from the mountains to enlight the people, the people of herd-mentality. "and Zarathustra began to go under" a life changing book.

3. "Less Than Zero"

This book is enjoyable and intriguing but a bit disturbing. Sex, drugs, and the 80's..or is it 70's? Awesome book that a terrible movie was apparently attempted of, don't waste your time.

4. "Da Vinci Code"

Yeah, it is in the list. This was before the movie and hype though. This is an awesome book.

Okay so this is going beyond Highschool into ALL TIME favorites...grade school, back in the day.

4. "Tangerine"


Random..but likeable..and it could've been fourth grade. You can't even write about it.

5. "The BFG"

Ultimate. It's motherf*%king  Roald Dahl. The BFG is so much fun, where farts and burps are a good thing again.

6. "Fallen Angels"

This book was amazing, in middle-school mind you, but this book rocks. It is a war book, but still fun and interesting to read. This is also the list desperately failing to continue further.

7. "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

Classic and awesome, classicly awesome. The story of a man with such charm and love of vanity that it leads to his own demise, his beauty only ages and fades in the magical painting. Oscar Wilde the great.

8. "The Little Boy and the Tree"

Good book, you will cry, and be happy.

9. "Fugitives and Refugees"

If you are interested in Portland, check this out. If you aren't, give it a read anyways...very good book.


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