'Gears in the Machine of the System'

Time to get a job. Before it comes, it would be best to vent out some pro-unemployed anti-work slacker, bum encouragement. You are the last of a few proud, or maybe not so proud today, but the last of either the most intelligent amongst us or the least, either way it gives faith that life is not merely a 'daily grind' a routine, a box of events we repeat day after day like hamsters on a wheel. For money, all for money, the most insubstantial but most substantial thing to ever exist. It will never buy happiness but will buy temporary contentment, which always runs out, and then we go seek out a moneyless situation, escape the superficiality of it all, and go find the zest or spark in life again, have an adventure, live and be free, write run on sentences that run on and on.

"The will to a system is a lack of integrity" - Nietzsche