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Yonder Mountain String Band tabs found from various sources;

Another Day by Yonder Mountain String Band

G                                  C  
When the rain is falling   You can hear me calling 
G                           D  
Been gone so long  That I want to cry 
G                                      C 
All the cities that I've seen  This lonely road has taken me 
G                       D          Em 
To another place  Far away from you 

C    D

Em                                   D
I close the door behind me  And fall onto to the bed 
Em                        D
Nothing on the TV  And not much in my head 
Em                                            D
I think of you, it makes me smile  Then I realize, 
Em       D           G 
It's another day without you 


G                      C 
Now wait for me little darling 
G                        D 
I'm coming home, I hope you understand 
G                 C 
I long for you little darling 
G                D                  G 
Can't wait ‘til I can see you again 

As the days turn into weeks I’ll call you when you’re fast asleep 
The air outside Is cold enough to snow 

All the little towns I see Another road has taken me 
To some other place far away from you 

The man behind the counter Says room 225 
I can’t recall the place I’m in By the looks inside 
But sure as every hotel looks The same I realize 
It’s another day without you 


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