Letter to the ymsb/hornings crew

I wrote this after summer tour of 2009, and actually got a reply. Hopefully it is entertaining or inspiring to someone..

Hey - whomever reads this,

I just wanted to thank somebody somewhere for the time of my life, the Summit really meant a lot to me. I have seen Yonder only once before the Summit which was in Flagstaff, AZ where I now live, and ever since been addicted. The music has gotten me through the toughest times in my life, and is very sentimental. Yonder opened my eyes to fun that I had never imagined exists. Northwest String Summit '09 was beyond my expectations, after being on the road with Phish for much of the summer, it was a refreshing new atmosphere. Phish was amazing don't get me wrong, but I don't think anything could have compared to String Summit. The people and vibe was so positive and loving, around every corner was a new friend, being alone never meant actually being alone. I had no idea what I was in store for, in so many ways. Friday night I had my first ever life changing experience, a moment crystallized in my memory forever. Its really impossible to put into words, but I had removed myself from the dust bowl and was on the hill witnessing the sea of people all bouncing along in time to 'New Horizons' and the jellyfish above in the air also dancing along. There was this flurry of banjo notes that sticks out in my mind right at the jam back into the song, and it brings tears to my eyes just to really remember and relive that moment, it was fucking beautiful. Those moments where your hair stands on end, goosebumps, euphoric..well it was not just another one of those, it was THE moment, at least in my life. This theme carried on throughout the weekend, and I left Horning's Hideout a changed person for the best. My parents generation had Woodstock, I had the String Summit, seriously a magical festival, keep it going I am never going to miss one. I would love to recap all the amazing little scenes and moments I had at the festival but it is too numerous and, you know, you had to be there. I had help when needed, whether it was someone taking my hand and into the dust bowl to get down, or sharing food and good times at the tent, it all came together in that beautiful peacock filled piece of heaven you guys have in North Plains. I read they do weddings there in the 'off-season' well if I ever get married I found the place Id like to do that, ha not saying it will happen, just how much Horning's Hideout now means to me. I remember this reoccuring theme of "welcome home", on t-shirts, announced by bands, and etched on every Kinfolks face...that is exactly how I felt, I found home at the Summit. Without sounding insane trying to capture the essence of it all, the only word I can find to sum it up is magical. From the psychedelic forest with the random after-shows and jams into the night, to the 'bridge parties' to the presence of some of the best musicians out there, you guys threw down the best festival I could dream up. This is what I always wished for and tried envisioning, it was perfect, and I am really looking forward to seeing you guys in 2010. Thanks again for everything.


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Only about one week! See you there!

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