Blossom Camping and More, Phish Ohio

Good Blossom Camping for Phish in Ohio

Going to Blossom?

This is a good place to be stopping in for an evening of Phish. With less than a 4 hour drive from Michigan the night before, and the show starting at 7:30pm makes for less rushing and more sleep, maybe. There will be the routine traffic jam but a bit worse in this little town. Here is some camping information..

Blossom Camping;

Woodside Lake Park - not the closest but a safe bet for a chill spot with lots of other heads.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Great spot, parking lots open 24 hours / day and you can find a spot to pitch a tent down a trail, try looking up Towpath trails.

Good's Woods Campground - pretty close
4301 Stow Rd
Stow, OH 44224

Tamsin Park - also relatively nearby
5000 Akron-Cleveland Rd
Peninsula, OH 44264

Stanford House Primitive Campsites
6093 Stanford Rd
Peninsula, OH 44264

Cherokee Park Campground
Mogadore, OH

Countryside Campground
Mogadore, OH

On the Road from Pine Knob?

Heres some side-trips and ways to go things to see;

Gas in the area is at $4.22, if you plan it right, you won't even need to fill up, this is a 4 hour drive max. Which means you have time perhaps for a stop, before or after the show.
Take I-75 S to
I-280 S to
I-80 E
Cost you about $35 in gas if your driving a 2005 Subaru Outback or something similar...

Check out:

Put-In-Bay - little island off of Sandusky coast on the way. While you are there check out the Crystal Cave, where you can see the world's largest geode, the headiest crystal ever mann.

Cedar Point Park - ride some rollercoasters at this theme park situated between Sandusky and Lake Erie.

Eat Skyline Chili somewhere, Toledo or wherever, a restaurant and line of chili that is loved and hated.

Nelson Ledges State Park - Newbury, Ohio very nearby Cleveland, awesome hiking and outdoors area.

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