Tour Maps

Options for a tour, use it or get inspired. Just do it all if you can.

WSP & NWSS & Phish Leg 2 (Gorge)

Combination of bands to see, west coast mostly Panic with a dose of Yonder and Phish. It is their 25th Anniversary tour, and last tour before the hiatus of undetermined length..


JUN 22 Taos, NM -WSP
JUN 24-26 Red Rocks, CO - WSP
JUL 1-3 Alta, WY - WSP
JUL 5 Seattle, WA - WSP
JUL 6 Eugene, OR - WSP
JUL 8-9 Oakland, CA - WSP
JUL 11 Reno, NV - WSP
JUL 22-24 NWSS, OR - Yonder
AUG 5-6 The Gorge, WA - Phish

If nothing else, WSP Fest in Wyoming and NWSS.

Personal Tour WSP, NWSS, Phish

Headed to String Summit, a little Widespread, and more Phish.


(JUN 22 Taos, NM - WSP then back home before tour)

JUL 13-14 Los Angeles, CA - WSP
JUL 15-16 Las Vegas, NV - WSP
JUL 22-24 String Summit, OR - Yonder
AUG 5-6 The Gorge, WA - Phish
?AUG 8? Hollywood, CA - Phish ?  (may skip, distance/time)
AUG 9-10 Lake Tahoe, NV - Phish
AUG 12 San Francisco, CA - Phish  (day of, try single day)

Yonder Midwest and Phish


JUL 3 Geneva, MN - Yonder
JUL 6 Bayfield, WI - Yonder
JUL 7 Milwaukee, WI - Yonder
JUL 8 Des Moines, IA - Yonder
(break - gap camping, sight-seeing, or go home)
AUG 20 - Red Rocks, CO - Yonder
SEPT 2-4 Commerce City, CO - Phish

During time gaps for all tours go camping, find a national park, see some other bands, maybe local, check out a small something random.

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